Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Too Much Reading, Not Enough Writing

No doubt about it, procrastination will get me every time. I'm once again faced with a MOUNTAIN of books to blog about. So, without further ado...

...I'll start with an easy one.

This happened again.
No explanation necessary.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

If you haven't read this yet, what are you waiting for?! This charming story about a cranky 59 year old man, (I refuse to call him elderly!), will make you think twice about the cantankerous people you may have in your life. I L...OVE...D it!

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman

(I actually read this Backman book first. Wow! What a story-teller he is.) 
Elsa is seven and doesn't fit in. Her 77 year old, crazy grandmother is her best and only friend, the spinner of fantastical bedtime tales that sooth little Elsa's battered spirit. But when her grandmother dies, Elsa discovers that these stories are so much more. Sent on a quest that will decide the destiny of her family and closest neighbors, Elsa learns the true meaning of love, and of loving yourself.

Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Ivanovich

Frozen bodies covered in chocolate and nuts, an ex-prostitute and a little person "Naked and Afraid" on the streets of Trenton, and Grandma Mazur hooking up with a tattooed, motorcycle-riding beau. All is as it should be in the life of bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum.  Enjoy the ride!

The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth

Neva, Grace and Floss are midwives in Rhode Island. They are also related, daughter, mother and grandmother, with all the requisite love and friction that condition implies. And, they are all keeping secrets from one another. This is a fascinating look at midwifery wrapped up in a compelling story of mothers and daughters, each chapter told in turn by one of the characters. Really enjoyed reading this.

The Thickety, A Path Begins and The Whispering Trees by J. A. White

Kara Westfall and her family live on an island completely cut off from the rest of the world, part of a society where witchcraft is the most terrible of all crimes. Of course, Kara discovers she's a witch and must run for her life...into the dreaded Thickety.  This is a story of ignorance and betrayal, and the similarities and differences between magic and inner strength.
The first two books are very entertaining, and the third, Well of Witches, just came out.
I love young adult fiction, especially fantasy. So glad I found The Thickety series!

Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

It is 1914, and Constance Kopp and her sisters live alone on a farm in the New York countryside. An unusual state of affairs to begin with, their life becomes even more unconventional when they run afoul of the local big-business bully. Faced with written threats and bricks through their windows, Constance joins forces with the local sheriff to fight for justice. This may sound like the script of an old western, but it is based on the true story of Constance, one of the first female crime fighters in the United States! Based on fact but written like fiction, I loved Girl Waits With Gun. I'm excited for the sequel, Lady Cop Makes Trouble:)

Murder Most Malicious by Alyssa Maxwell

If you miss Downton Abbey and you devoured Agatha Christie, you will love Murder Most Malicious.  (A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery) 'Nuf said.

The Baker Street Jurors by Michael Robertson

Nigel Heath, solicitor, just happens to lease the premises of 221B Baker Street, London, an address that will live in least as long deluded fans keep sending letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes to said address. As per lease terms, Nigel is required to answer each one. But what happens when even the Crown Court can't tell the difference between truth and fiction and send a jury summons to Mr. Holmes? Nigel is about to find out. When he is chosen as a juror on a celebrity murder case involving a national cricket star, strange things begin to happen, and an even stranger fellow juror starts making strangely familiar remarks.
Michael Robertson is definitely guilty of writing an ingenious series of books!

Murder of a Movie Star by L. B. Hathaway

Posie Parker is back investigating her way into the 1920's London movie scene. (Yes! That was a thing.) But, record heat waves, celebrity death threats and murder make Posie's investigation into the goings-on at Worton Hall very difficult. Exactly who is trying to kill famous and beautiful Sylvia Hanro? Why would someone try to kidnap Posie's best friend? Why is everyone wearing orange make-up?  These and many other questions will be answered at the end of another great Posie Parker mystery.  Enjoy the show!

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

If you are a Jane Eyre fan, you MUST read Jane Steele. Read it even if you are NOT a Jane Eyre fan or have never even read the book.  This is a great read!!
This is Jane re-imagined.  She has guts, and she's not afraid to use them.
So, beware evil schoolmasters, landlords and relatives. Also, spoiler alert, it has a happy ending. Take that, all you fictional wet blankets!

Ending on a high note...the best selling novelist of all time.
Over Two Billion Sold

Currently engaging in a little Agatha Christie binge.

Have a great Spring!